9/5/2010 Rant:

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And what did I learn this week? I learned that I think about the Forex Market almost all the time. When I take advantage of a Market Opportunity (a “trade” to others) there is hope, anticipation, an expectation of success, verification of my market savvy or lack thereof. And, when I’m not in the Market, I’ll be looking for ways to get in. I learned that Praying, Luck, Chance and a Voodoo Dance have no place in building a career in the Market. Reliance on one’s Self and confidence in one’s own ability is the bedrock on which to build a massive account. I guess if it was easy everyone would be a millionaire. I see the Market as an uncharted Landscape, and the road to success is unlimited. Each one of us has the ability to chart our own course, pave our own road. Some roads are crooked and winding, some are highways some are byways. I started on a crooked dirt road, got my GPS so let’s see where it leads. Selah


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There will be no Ranting this 9/11 weekend. God Bless America and our Troops.

9/19/2010 Rant:

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By all indications this was an exciting week especially on Tuesday 9/14/10 when the Bank of Japan woke the sleeping Market with its intervention. Exciting if you were long before the intervention and did not have a TP, but even more exciting if you were short and did not have a stop in place. Believe me, I know how that feels! I distinctly remember being at my first class at MTI and speaking with one of their advisors about “Trading” the Fundy announcement. His reply was that he did not. My reaction to this was disappointment because he was obviously crazy not to be a part of those wild swings. All you had to do is hop on use huge stops or none at all and go for the ride. Sounds exciting. Well, that all sounds more like going on a roller -coaster ride at Disneyland now. How my focus has shifted. A consistent Walk In The Park is now my focus rather than the Thrill Of The Ride. Selah.