Here is the free MetaTrader 4 Template for the DBRS ver 2.0 (click on link below). First download / save the file in a directory on your computer (or on your DeskTop) then extract ( “unzip” ) the file from the directory where you saved it (or from your DeskTop if you saved it there). There are 6 files that will be extracted (or Un-Zipped). The .mq4 files (5 of them) are to be copied to your <MetaTrader 4>\experts\indicators directory. The .tpl (6th) file is to be copied to your <MetaTrader 4>\templates directory. To load the template right click on your chart (preferably a new one) then left click on Template and click on “Fxepic dbrs v.2″ on the drop down list.

Click here for DBRS “package”: FxEpic DBRS V.2.0 Indicators With Template