First off, I write as a stream…I don’t use paragraphs lol. This chart says it all for me now. Though it might look simple (or not) it has a lot of history. My introduction to trading came via Options. My first Options Seminar was with Optionetics in Miami on 7/6/06, so it has taken me 3 years and 9 months to get to this place. I was introduced to Forex in August 2007, by my trading partner who attended a free Forex seminar and called me during the first break and excitedly declared that she had found “it”! That was a serious utterance because after investing in Software “Employees”, many Options seminars and finallyhaving it “click” for us… this new venture had to be good! Trusting her judgment (tho our trading styles are very different… this is a good thing BTW) my reply was “when do we sign up”? Our formal Forex education came via Market Traders Institute (MTI). Excellent, education I think. Hail to the “Chief”. Education in trading is a must (You either spend to attend formal classes or the Market will teach you… the former is usually cheaper!) but at some point there are diminishing returns and you have to decide when you are going to stand up and be your own trader, that is, develop your own style. I often say, there is only one trader in the room, and that is you! You can trade WITH 100 other traders but not a single one of them can trade FOR you. It is important to be around other traders, either in forums or at seminars because you can learn from their experiences and generally traders will share their good and bad freely. (Probably because sharing what you see with another trader has no affect on your equity curve what so ever). Well way back in one of my early seminars someone strongly suggested I read The Disciplined Trader by Mark Douglas. I’m not much of a reader so that fell on deaf ears. Jamaicans have a saying, “If you can’t hear you will feel”! The long and the short of it is that I felt! My trading personality is decidedly a short term trader. In Forex “scalper” is the term often used. I prefer “sniper” lol. Anyway, what ever the trading personality, there should be a law on the books that no trading can commence unless the two books by Mark Douglas (The Disciplined Trader and Trading in the Zone) be read!! Seriously. You will hear quite early that trading is 80% mental effort. In my case it is probably more like 90%. I decided to “Burn My Ship” (as Colin Carr the SilverFox from Profit Strategies says) and I traded full time for 6 months. After 4 months of an up and down equity curve and getting very frustrated because “I was sooooo close” .. I decided it would do no harm to read Mark’s book Trading in the Zone. I stopped trading and spent the next week and a half digesting the book. I saw myself in almost every page of what not to do!! I was floored but at the same time I was ecstatic because I saw that I could fix the bad habits and unconscious actions that were sabotaging my “ever increasing equity curve”. That lead me to read his first book The Disciplined Trader. After This I was on a reading roll and read a third book that was also strongly recommended, the classic, Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill. This took about a month to digest all these books and the last month (of the 6 months) was when my DBRS came into view. Just as I was getting a clear vision of my direction and my “edge”, lots was happening outside of my trading. For one thing I was rapidly running out of money and my daughter was moving away to school.  The result was that I was unable to focus on trading so I decided to stop for a little. One thing lead to another and I did not look at a chart for another 4 months. When I did reopen my charts it did not take me long to pick up where I left off. The great thing is that I was now mentally ready for trading. My blog is not so much a site for learning how to trade the Forex market, there are many many great resources for this. It is more a look into my personal trip down Forex lane. My highs and lows, my trip-ups and my triumphs. And, hopefully, someone else can benefit from my experiences. As I go along I will explain what it is I am looking for in taking a trade using my DBRS method. I may even call a trade that I am about to take, however, because I am a Sniper…it is often difficult to do because the trade can be over in a couple of minutes, really!  I will trade the 30 second chart if the trade is there. The mechanics of how I trade the DBRS is in “The Nitty Gritty” page. Selah.