6/6/10 Rant

Posted by FxEpic | Posted in Forum | Posted on 06-06-2010


It’s Sunday and I’m beginning to look forward to ranting…lol.

So what did I learn this week? I learned that Pride and Vanity are the roadblocks to my progress. Pride is what makes you think you know what the market is going to do and Vanity is what keeps you in a miserable “trade” (more on this word later) when you should have stopped yourself out long ago. Pride and Vanity. They have no place in the market, actually, they have no place in my life. I humble myself before the Forex market. I was thinking about the label that we assign to ourselves….Forex Trader. Well, the word ‘trader” implies a give and take situation. That’s not what I want! I absolutely do not want to give any pips…sorry… I only want to take! So I’ll re-label myself as a Forex Opportunist. Selah.